Aeromexico will increase its operations to Europe with additional frequencies on routes from Mexico City to the main European capitals: Paris (CDG), London (LHR) and Madrid (MAD). All flights will be operated by Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft with 243 and 274 seats, depending on the variant.

Aeromexico’s schedule to Europe starting in June

  • Mexico City (MEX) – London Heathrow (LHR): increases from six times a week to a daily flight, effective June 1.
Flight itinerary:
  • Flight AM7 MEX 23:15 – LHR 16:00+1
  • Flight AM8 LHR 22:30 – MEX 04:25+1


Prior to the pandemic, 259,692 passengers and 8,505.4 tons of cargo were transported between Mexico City and London in 1,364 air operations; it was the fourth busiest European route for the Aztec country.

  • Mexico City (MEX) – Madrid (MAD): increases from 14 to 15 weekly flights, starting June 13.
Flight itinerary:
  • Flight AM1 MEX 18:25 – MAD 12:40+1 flight daily.
  • Flight AM21 MEX 22:25 – MAD 16:30+1 flight daily.
  • Flight AM27 MEX 12:30 – MAD 06:40+1 Monday.
  • Flight AM2 MAD 11:00 – MEX 15:35 daily flight.
  • Flight AM20 MAD 18:00 – MEX 22:25 Tuesday.
  • Flight AM22 MAD 23:40 – MEX 04:10+1 daily flight.

All flights will be operated on Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.

880,988 passengers and 27,848.2 tons of cargo were mobilized in 3,335 air operations in 2019 between Mexico City and Madrid. It is currently the main long-haul route of the Aztec country, and has been ranked by Forbes as the most profitable route in Latin America.

  • Mexico City – Paris (CDG): increases from 7 to 9 weekly flights, starting June 9.
Flight schedule:
  • Flight AM3 MEX 22:10 – CDG 16:30+1 daily flight operated in 787-9.
  • Flight AM5 MEX 18:40 – CDG 13:00+1 Thursday and Saturday operated in 787-8.
  • Flight AM4 CDG 23:00 – MEX 03:35+1 daily flight operated in 787-9.
  • Flight AM6 CDG 15:00 – MEX 19:25 Friday and Sunday operated in 787-8.

Prior to the pandemic, 569,693 passengers and 23,418.4 tons of cargo were mobilized in 2,024 air operations between Mexico City and Paris, the second busiest European route from Benito Juarez International Airport.

Recovery to 2019 levels

With this new schedule, Aeromexico will be operating more than 350 flights per month between Mexico and Europe, with an offer of more than 95,000 seats, representing an increase of more than 8% compared to April this year.

The Mexican airline will also offer daily flights between Mexico City (AMS) and Amsterdam (AMS) during high season, in addition to its operations from Madrid (MAD) to Monterrey (MTY) and Guadalajara (GDL) three times a week on each route.

Aeromexico will be operating more than 17,000 flights per month to 87 domestic and international destinations this summer season.

Aeromexico Map Route Europe

The statistics were obtained by Aviacionline through the Mexican Federal Civil Aviation Agency (AFAC).

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