Avianca joins the various airlines that seek to join forces for the care of the planet, and from April 22, in the framework of Earth Day, the company’s customers can voluntarily offset the carbon footprint generated by their travels through Choose.

The digital platform in partnership with the climate technology company CHOOOSE allows them to have a sustainability strategy to meet their goals in reducing CO2 emissions and contributing to the fight against climate change.

«Avianca has been working for several years on different strategies to reduce, mitigate and offset emissions generated in the operation. Using the best technology, applying good operational practices and acquiring carbon credits in strategic projects from the environmental and social dimension, has been our focus,» said Andrés Muñoz, Avianca’s Environmental Manager.

In addition, Andres Muñoz stated that the offsetting of emissions reaches to cover year 2017,  about 70% of the total emissions generated mainly in Colombia.

«However, we know that it is teamwork that makes the difference in the fight against climate change, and that is why we are convinced that this alliance with CHOOOSE™ is the first step so that we can all join to be agents of change to have a sustainable world» concluded the executive.

What does this partnership imply?

At the time of purchasing a ticket or after their flight, travelers will be able to register their travel information on the CHOOOSE platform, which will be available directly at:

With this, travelers will be able to know the exact amount of kilograms of CO2 generated when flying according to several factors: the destination, the number of travelers per flight and whether a round trip was made or only one way, having the option to offset the carbon footprint through a voluntary contribution.

The contribution is purely voluntary by the Avianca customer

These resources will finance projects in Latin America that, through the use of sustainable energy or the conservation of forest ecosystems, reduce, capture, or avoid global CO2 emissions.

To ensure that offsetting has a positive effect on the climate, CHOOOSE™ as an expert in the implementation of climate solutions through digital tools allows with the use of its platform both individuals and organizations to easily connect with high impact climate projects for CO2 reduction around the world.

«It is an honor to support Avianca’s strong work to decarbonize the aviation sector, and it is especially inspiring that the program is linked to important climate projects such as rainforests and clean energy production in Colombia and Latin America. Avianca and its customers will help make a real climate impact that would not have happened without their support,» says Andreas Slettvoll, CEO and founder of CHOOOSE.

Avianca’s more sustainable fleet

This implementation of environmental technology solutions adds to the airline’s strategic projects for environmental care, which are focused on having a more efficient and sustainable operation.

These include transforming the cabins of more than 90 A320 aircraft to have 20% more capacity per aircraft in order to reduce the carbon footprint per passenger by 13%.

Photo: Avianca

Avianca also maintains its participation for the fifth consecutive year in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), being the highest-ranked airline in Latin America for its actions against «climate change».

Finally, the airline is one of the first 100 companies participating in the Carbon Neutrality Program established by the Colombian Ministry of the Environment, contributing to the fulfillment of the goals that the country has set in this area for 2030 and 2050.

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