Cargojet quadrupled the number of Boeing 777 orders converted to cargo configuration. Canada’s largest cargo-only airline will purchase four aircraft from Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI).

The airline’s first two 777-200s, which will be converted by Mammoth Freighters, will be joined by two more, acquired through the exercise of the purchase option under the agreement. As reported by FreightWaves, the contract also includes an option to purchase two Boeing 777-300s.

In addition, in a March 7 letter to the company’s shareholders, management stated that its 777 fleet will ultimately consist of eight units, scheduled for delivery between 2023 and 2025. The other four units, all 777-300s, were ordered from IAI.

DHL Express will be the initial customer for the 777: Cargojet will dedicate four of its aircraft to the carrier. The other four already have contracts with other customers. These twin-engine aircraft can carry around 103 tons, have a volumetric capacity 80% higher than the 767, and are 20% more efficient than the 747.

Cargojet currently has 31 cargo aircraft, two-thirds of which are 767s. Of these, twelve operate exclusively for DHL. The rest of the fleet consists of Boeing 757s.

During the announcement conference, the company said it also acquired six additional 757s, five of which will be delivered this year, and one in 2023. It will also take delivery of six additional 767-300s. Half of these will arrive in 2022 and the other half next year.

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