Delta Air Lines and Aeromexico are celebrating the fifth anniversary of the implementation of the Joint Cooperation Agreement (JCA) this May. The JCA is a cross-border alliance to connect both carriers’ networks between the United States and Mexico.

Throughout their partnership, the two companies have flown 365 million miles, equivalent to 14,663 trips around the world, and operated 250,000 flights.

Delta and Aeromexico currently offer 43 routes between Mexico and the U.S., serving major markets such as California, New York and Florida, as well as cross-border to Texas.

Main routes between Mexico and the United States

  • Mexico City – Los Angeles five daily flights.
  • Mexico City – New York four daily flights.
  • Mexico City – Atlanta four daily flights.
  • Mexico City – Houston four daily flights.
  • Mexico City – Miami three daily flights.

Throughout the course of their partnership, both airlines have worked closely together to offer customers an optimal service and guarantee a high-level customer experience, among the products developed between both airlines include:

  • Seamless check-in with SkyTeam technology enables digital check-in for multi-airline travel through Delta and Aeromexico’s existing apps or websites.
  • Free in-flight messaging via onboard Wi-Fi (where available).
  • Consistent checked and carry-on baggage policies.

«We are proud of how our innovative Joint Cooperation Agreement has transformed the U.S.-Mexico cross-border market by generating significant customer benefits and an expanded route network,» said Perry Cantarutti, SVP – Alliances for Delta.

Since the easing of the health restrictions, Aeromexico resumed service from Mexico City to Dallas and Austin in July 2021 and in September 2021 resumed nonstop service between Guadalajara and Salt Lake City. Both airlines continue to reestablish their network of destinations as passenger demand recovers.

«This year has started with wonderful news, as step by step, we continue to regain the momentum we had achieved before the pandemic. We will operate more than 4,300 flights by May, representing a 96% recovery compared to the same period in 2019. At the same time, the operation to the main beach destinations in Mexico has fully recovered, with capacity growing 16% compared to 2019. «, said Giancarlo Mulinelli Aviles Mulinelli, SVP of Global Sales at Aeromexico.

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delta y aeromexico
Photo: Delta Air Lines Press

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