Fumaça, the famous aerobatics squadron of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), turns 70 years old today and to celebrate it will give a vibrant show that will be broadcasted live at 14:30 (UTC 11:30) on its YouTube channel.

The Brazilian Air Force Air Demonstration Squadron, better known in the world as Fumaça, will demonstrate its repertoire of aerobatic maneuvers over the skies of the Air Force Academy (AFA), in Pirassununga (SP).

A vast history

The FAB website reviews the 70 years of Fumaça, which made its first official appearance on May 14, 1952.

With North American T-6 aircraft, the Esquadrilha da Fumaça was born from the initiative of young flight instructors from the former Escola de Aeronáutica, based in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

In their free time, the pilots trained in group aerobatics, with the purpose of encouraging the Cadets to trust their skills and the safety of the aircraft used in the instruction, motivating them for military piloting.

Texan T-6 Fumaça
Uno de los Texan T-6 que tanto servicio prestaron a Fumaça. Foto: redes sociales de la Esquadrilha da Fumaça

After a few presentations, it was perceived thar  the public needed a better view of the maneuvers performed. In 1953, an exclusive oil tank for smoke production was added to the T-6. This is how they earned the name by which they are now known worldwide, affectionately baptized by the Cadets and the public as «Esquadrilha da Fumaça». The first smoky writing was the acronym «FAB», in the skies above Copacabana beach.

In 1955, the Esquadrilha had five aircraft with its own insignia and paint. Thus, Fumaça increased the number of maneuvers and became more and more popular in Brazil and abroad, until 1963, when it became the «Official Aerobatic Demonstration Unit of the Brazilian Air Force», the only one in the world performing with conventional aircraft, until 1969, when the T-6s were replaced by seven Super Fouga Magister (T-24) jets.

Super Fouga Magister T-24 Fumaça
Super Fouga Magister T-24 de Fumaça. Foto: redes sociales de la Esquadrilha da Fumaça.

Due to technical limitations, the T-24 operated until 1972 and, as the old T-6 had not been abandoned, presentations continued with it until, in 1976, after 1,272 demonstrations, the then Ministry of Aeronautics decided not to use the aircraft any more. From that date on, Fumaça ceased its activities for a short period.

A few years later, at the Air Force Academy (AFA), in Pirassununga/SP, Fumaça was reactivated with the T-25 Universal – the famous «White Comet» -.

Universal T-25 operados tiempo atrás por la Fumaça. Foto: redes sociales de la Esquadrilha da Fumaça.On December 8, 1983, EMB-312 Tucanos (the famous T-27) were acquired from EMBRAER, aircraft used until March 2013, when the deployment of A-29 Super Tucanos began, with the Brazilian flag painted on the tail.

To calm the anxieties and get in tune, we leave you a video of the presentation of the Esquadrilha da Fumaça at FIDAE 2022.

The EMBRAER A-29 is the current mount with which the Esquadrilha da Fumaça performs all its aerial demonstrations in different aeronautical shows and events around the world.

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