The manufacturer reported that its VL3 aircraft will incorporate the JMB Connect app to offer a comprehensive information platform to its customers, with data on aircraft status, checklists, flight planning, scheduled maintenance and updates from JMB Aircraft, the company’s CEO Jean-Marie Guisset said.

In a statement, JMB Aircraft reported that «the application connects the aircraft with its owner to maximize control and facilitate aircraft management. The owner receives notifications when something requires his attention, such as the amount of fuel, oil consumption, tire pressure, cabin temperature, location and more.»

The company also informed that the application also monitors the expiration and renewal of documents and licenses, allows flight planning, checks weather and NOTAMS, and notifies the owner of maintenance requirements.

In addition, the application will serve as a direct contact, through which JMB Aircraft will be able to communicate with owners and send operational and safety information. Similarly, VL3 operators will be able to report technical problems and contact their service centers.

The development of the application, which can be accessed from mobile devices or via the web, was carried out in partnership with Belgian aviation software company AVIATIZE.

Tom Verbruggen, CEO of AVIATIZE, stated, «We are beyond excited to partner with a world-class manufacturer to integrate our flight and aircraft management platform into their VL3 series. We share the same vision with JMB Aircraft, always looking for better ways to help our users and be at the forefront of innovation.»

The first integrated App for ultralight aircraft was unveiled at AERO Friedrichshafen 2022, the international trade fair for general aviation, which takes place in Germany from April 27-30.


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