Kalitta Air joins the list of airlines that have acquired GE Digital’s Asset Records system. This software implementation serves to streamline and simplify aircraft maintenance record keeping.

The program is designed to make it easier for operators to manage records. Using a cloud-based work implementation, operators can digitize, index, and archive aircraft maintenance records. In addition, the system allows records to be shared between airlines and lessors. It can also be connected to each company’s maintenance and engineering section.

Kalitta Air, based in Ypsilanti, Michigan, has a large maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) division where they overhaul everything from engines to airframes to the landing gear. With the implementation of the Asset Records system, it will be able to transmit aircraft maintenance documentation to its lessors.

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«Kalitta is an organization with a disciplined workforce, delivering quality service. The move to digital is key to our business because it helps us reduce audit times,» said Christopher Barks, Kalitta Air’s director of quality. «The implementation of the system went much faster than planned – it took eight weeks instead of the 16 to 20 weeks we expected.»

GE Asset Records system consists of two modules. On the one hand, the Records Management System block makes it easier for operators to manage records with a single cloud-based solution. This allows all maintenance records to be digitized, indexed and archived. The Asset Transfer System module, on the other hand, helps to streamline and simplify documentation management of leased equipment, enabling quick transfer of documents to lessors. An additional benefit of the software is that it is paperless.

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