The airline informed that Komatsu-Mitsui Maquinarias Perú became the first company to offset its carbon dioxide emissions through Latam’s Vuela Neutral program.

CO2 offset programs are one of the tools currently available to mitigate the environmental impact of the industry. Although it does not fully solve the problem of greenhouse gas emissions, its expansion around the world promotes the creation of green spaces of great importance for the conservation of the ecosystem.

«The initiative supports the conservation of iconic ecosystems in South America and gives corporate clients the possibility to choose from a portfolio of projects to offset the emissions generated by their air travel. As part of the proposal and with the aim of promoting compensation, the LATAM group matches the number of tons compensated by its clients, thus doubling the contribution made,» the airline said.

Komatsu-Mitsui, a dedicated Peruvian company that provides integrated solutions in equipment for mining and the construction industry, chose the ‘Nii Kaniti Community Forest Management’ project, within the Vuela Neutral portfolio.

This initiative contributes to the reduction of global emissions while «protecting the rainforest ecosystem and expanding sustainable community management in the Peruvian Amazon. An initiative that encompasses six of the Sustainable Development Goals: Climate action, the life of terrestrial ecosystems, responsible consumption and production, decent work and economic growth, zero hunger, and end poverty».

Tomas Martinez, CEO of Komatsu-Mitsui, said that «the last year was key for Komatsu-Mitsui, we managed to consolidate our sustainability strategy, we have taken concrete actions that are generating a positive impact, such as joining the LATAM Vuela Neutral program. We are aware that the path to sustainability demands constant effort and is a long term one».

Andreas Schek, LATAM’s Vice President of Sales, added that «through projects such as this, we will make progress in three areas: protecting the natural heritage of our region for future generations, addressing climate change through greater C02 capture, and contributing to improving the quality of life of local communities.

«We are confident that working together will lead to initiatives like this one achieving their objectives. We value Komatsu-Mitsui’s commitment and hope that more companies will be motivated and become part of this program because caring for the planet is everyone’s job,» he added.

Latam’s Vuela Neutral program, which is developed in conjunction with climate change solutions provider Choose, is part of the group’s sustainability strategy, which aims to neutralize 50% of emissions by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.



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