On May 2, the AEROGRU Consortium signed a contract with the Brazilian company Marcopolo for the supply of Automated People Mover (APM) vehicles at Guarulhos International Airport. It will connect the passenger terminals to the Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos (CPTM) Line 13-Jade station.

The purchase of the APMs represents an investment of R$ 271.7 million (US$ 54 million) by the concessionaire GRU Airport.

This new transport model is based on Aeromovel technology, similar to that successfully adopted in airports such as Atlanta, Chicago, New York and San Francisco, in the United States.

The companies Aerom, HTB, FBS and TSINFRA participate in the AEROGRU consortium, with its strategic partners Schneider Electric, Minerbo Fuchs, Certifer and Marcopolo Rail.

«Aeromovel is being implemented all over the world and now we will also have it here in Brazil. The vehicles are very nice, very comfortable and safe. With People Mover, Guarulhos Airport, in São Paulo, will be an example for the whole world,» said the national secretary of Civil Aviation, Ronei Glanzmann.

Aeropuerto de São Paulo estará conectado por un sistema "monorraíl" - aeronauticapy.com

With a length of 2,731 meters, the route will have three vehicles for 200 users each. A 100% automated solution that will have the capacity to transport 2,000 users per hour in each direction, the travel and waiting time will be 6 minutes.

Aeromovel has zero pollutant emissions, and another benefit for the environment: with the reduction in the number of vehicles circulating in the vicinity of the airport, there will be a consequent reduction in CO2 emissions and congestion in the region.

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