Through a communiqué issued after a meeting between the SICT, Sedena and Semar for the state and the boards of Aeromexico, Volaris and Viva Aerobus for the private sector, the Mexican government resolved, among other measures, to immediately transfer cargo operations and charter flights to the Felipe Angeles International Airport (AIFA).

The package of measures comes days after an incident that exposed the saturation of Mexico City International Airport (AICM), a situation also complained by pilots and controllers. The incident between two Volaris Airbus A320s precipitated the departure of the director of the agency that provides navigation services in the country, Seneam.

Statement 156/2022 indicates that it was agreed between the parties not to modify the schedule of scheduled flights in Mexico City until the end of the 2022 summer season, not affecting then the current offer. Likewise, no new routes will be approved at AICM.

In addition, domestic cargo operations and charter flights will be transferred to AIFA immediately, and progress will be made on the necessary infrastructure works so that in 90 days the terminal will be able to receive and process international cargo flights.

The agreement conditions the continuity of operations at the AICM to have less than one year of debts for fuel, taxes, use rights and airport fees, so those airlines that exceed that term «must migrate to another air terminal», according to the press release.

The note emphasizes that there is no intention to limit the operations of the AICM by administrative means -a possible restriction ordered by decree had been mentioned-and urges to continue working closely between operators, services and national and international agencies.

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