Sustainable fuel production companies Sasol ecoFT and Uniper announced the signing of a letter of intent to evaluate the possibility of establishing a new industrial-scale production plant for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) through the SkyFuelH2 joint venture.

The idea is to produce green hydrogen and carbon-based sustainable aviation fuel from biomass using Sasol’s Fischer-Tropsch process, which consists of a series of chemical reactions that produce hydrocarbons from carbon monoxide and hydrogen.

«We are delighted to leverage our proven Fischer-Tropsch technology and 70 years of experience in managing complex, integrated operations to produce and market fuels and chemicals,» said Fleetwood Grobler, president and CEO of Sasol Limited.

«By applying green hydrogen and sustainable carbon sources as feedstock in our proprietary Power-to-Liquids (PtL) process, we can now produce sustainable fuels, thus contributing to a prosperous planet, our society and businesses,» he added.

If realized, the plant jointly developed by Sasol and Uniper will be installed in the Swedish city of Långsele, located in the province of Sollefteå. The town is, they say, «the natural location for SkyFuelH2, not least because of the municipality’s ambitious growth targets and its supply of renewable electricity, carbon from biomass and suitable land».

Swedish Minister of Enterprise, Industry and Innovation Karl-Petter Thorwaldsson said, «SkyFuelH2 is crucial for the evolution of the aviation industry. The joint venture is a great example of how new technologies can enable the green transition in northern Sweden.»

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