Several providers of maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) have added capacity to work on the Boeing 737 family of aircraft, in its 737NG and 737 MAX variants.

First, Lufthansa Technik added various digital fleet management models for the Boeing 737NG to its AVIATAR platform. These services are already being marketed to customers worldwide. The new Condition Monitoring and Prediction program offerings were created in conjunction with United Airlines. This CMP program uses a combination of engineering analysis and data science to help lower maintenance costs.

The AVIATAR platform already had modeled the Airbus A320, so customers will be able to manage the technical operations of these models in parallel. In addition, they will add predictive maintenance capability that will help avoid unplanned maintenance events.

Using data reported by the aircraft itself, Condition Monitoring provides an overview of the operational status of the equipment. The immediate detection of faults increases the efficiency of maintenance tasks and enables proactive measures to be taken leading to increased aircraft availability.

Fokker Services to work on 737NGs

Fokker Services launched its «nose-to-tail» component maintenance program for Boeing 737NG aircraft. The company, based in the U.S. and the Netherlands, builds more than 50% of the components used in-house.

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Fokker Services launched its maintenance program in 1992. In addition to the 737NG, it supports CRJ, Dash 8, and Fokker aircraft. The supplier brings flexibility to operators, with several global component delivery options.

Spirit Aerosystems agrees with Boeing to maintain 737 MAXs

Boeing Global Services signed a contract with Spirit AeroSystems that will add fairing and flight controls repair capability for the 737 MAX to the supplier’s offering.

Mini Desai, vice president of Commercial Spares and Managed Parts for Boeing Global Services, said, «This agreement will help all 737 MAX operators respond quickly to unforeseen events. Spirit AeroSystems has extensive experience with the 737 MAX: it manufactures fuselage, reversers, slats, and flaps.

Kailash Krishnaswamy, Spirit’s senior vice president of Aftermarket Services, added, «In the last three years, we have gone from one MRO center (in Wichita) to five, located on four continents. Thanks to this, we will be able to provide solutions to customers around the world.»

Landing Gear Technologies joins ITS

Landing Gear Technologies (LGT) and ITS have signed a strategic cooperation agreement to support the 737NG. Together, they will provide maintenance for the 737NG landing gears. In addition, they will provide landing gear leasing, swapping, and direct sales services.

Arizona-based ITS offers a wide range of MRO offerings to airlines, leasing companies, and resellers. LGT, on the other hand, offers comprehensive landing gear solutions. Bo Lump, LGT’s vice president of sales, said, «We have been working with the LGT team for many years on landing gear maintenance and support. This alliance was the next logical step in our relationship».

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