The French-Italian regional aircraft manufacturer ATR and the world leader in landing and braking systems Safran Landing Systems have developed «Smart Lander». This is an innovative service that uses data analysis to diagnose the condition of the landing gear after a hard landing and optimize response times to return the aircraft to service.

According to both companies, the technology is based on machine learning. Based on hundreds of thousands of simulations of such landings, the platform designs recommendations to operators on the maintenance actions to be performed. The suggestions are established based on the hardness of the maneuver and the weight supported by the landing gear.

«Smart Lander» is the first service of its kind in the aeronautical industry. Thanks to its automation, it makes it possible to reduce the traditional overhaul time, which can take more than ten days, to less than an hour. Once the process is completed, the operator has an effective diagnosis to know if the equipment can continue operations or if it must undergo a more complete overhaul.

This reduces the required response times and increases aircraft availability. It also decreases the workload of airline maintenance personnel.

David Brigante, ATR Senior Vice President of Customer Support and Services, stated: «We will be able to massively reduce our response times, therefore boosting aircraft availability, reducing costs for customers, and enhancing customer satisfaction, while maintaining the same level of analysis quality».

In this regard, Patrick Joyez, Engineering Executive Vice President at Safran Landing Systems, stressed that the new data analytics-based platform «is a true breakthrough in terms of landing load analysis, which will offer real value to ATR operators».

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