The US airline reported that its main initiative to reduce the environmental impact of its operations is focused on lowering the levels of emissions generated by burning fuel to power its aircraft.

In 2021, the company set a goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2040, which would represent – if achieved – 10 years ahead of the expectations agreed to by much of the industry in the Paris Agreement.

According to Alaska Airlines published annual sustainability report, the airline has «focused on improving our operational efficiency with procedures and technology that allow us to minimize the amount of fuel we actually burn. These include implementing Flyways route optimization software, taking delivery of new Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, improving our use of ground and air electric power, and continuing to evolve our ground fleet to lower emissions options.»

Likewise, Alaska Airlines is focused on driving the development of sustainable aviation fuels and promoting their arrival to the market, these being one of the main tools available to the industry in the medium term to reduce greenhouse gas emission levels.

The airline recently launched its new Alaska Star Ventures investment line, which seeks to identify and promote initiatives aimed at net zero. In this context, it is working with: UP.Partners, in operational efficiency and advanced air mobility; Westly Group, in green energy, carbon offsetting and circular economy; ZeroAvia, with which it partnered to modernize regional aircraft from the integration of a hydrogen-electric hybrid powertrain.

Since last year, the company has had a very innovative proposal to improve the social and environmental impact of its business. «Our commitment to people and the planet is not just an aspiration; it is something we live for every day.»

«Starting in 2021, we are including a carbon intensity metric in the target-based program that guides bonus pay for all employees. In addition, beginning in 2021, a portion of long-term executive compensation depends on progress in diversifying our leadership ranks,» they say.

Alaska Airlines also has, as of 2021, a strategy to promote diversity, equity and inclusion in the company, under which it is working to recruit and drive more diverse leaders.

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